TPMS Sensors corroded after short Use Now not fit for purpose

I need help in working out how this has happened , i have had the kit on the car for a short time a matter of a few weeks , I have washed my car once , i don’t use car washes i am a home detailer. I notice from my app that the pressure was getting low so decided to put some air in my tyre , that when i discovered that i could not unscrew the sensor as they have become corrode and stuck fast , I have had to go to my tyre guy who had to cut out the valves , which i will show in pics below , i am a Zus Nonda fan but feel i can no longer trust this product as I have a family car which i could not pump up my tyre to maintain the well being of all people that ride in it . I have managed to get only two of the 4 sensors off the car the affected areas where front and back of the car , so i am lost to why this would happen.

Please help me solve this as I had such high hopes for this product and the other products i have in the range , i think are great and work just as stated .I would like to add when the system was on my car it was faultless and a lot of people asked me how i got hold of it and showed a big interest in the said product.!

Mine have corroded, see attached photo. You can see pitting. The corrosion is so bad that the Sensors were stuck to the Tire Valve Stems of my vehicle too. I had to use pliers to successfully unscrew them.

Communicated this to Nonda Customer Support.

@ryan @haktch
Your feedbacks are well received and I’ve forwarded to hardware engineers to further looking into it. In the meanwhile, I will forward your cases also to CS team for the follow-up.
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

Same thing might have happened here. The service guys couldn’t check the tire pressure when I had the car on service, as they couldn’t remove the caps.

Don’t think they’re withstanding the snow/salt combination here.

Edit: They are still working though, last time I checked. So I can use them during the winter, not sure if I can remove them for the summer tires though :stuck_out_tongue: Or fill up air.

I Have sent mine back to China at the request of Nonda CS I was so shocked to have to cut the valve stem out my tyre so i could place air in the tires , I drive a Honda , i Will be asking the CS Mark to give me a copy of the full report of why this happened , I thought i was the only one. I of course have had a good service so far from CS. I would ask nonda to think about sensors that go inside the wheel , as i think these are not fit for purpose , and i will only buy this product again when all the updates needed for this product to be safe for my car and family.

I just had my car at the dealership and they told me that 2 out of 4 of the tire pressure monitors are stuck on the valve stem. They said they cannot get them off unless they break off the valve stem or damage the tire pressure monitors. Now I don’t know what to do, other than get new stems or tires. In the meantime, I cannot fill my tires up with air if needed. I sent an email to Nonda a little while ago and have not heard back (wouldn’t it be nice if they actually had a phone number for support). This is deeply disturbing as I had such hopes for these devices.

Unfortunately, it is passed BestBuy’s Return/Exchange Period of 30 days.

I coat the threads of my valve stems with a tiny dab of dielectric grease and have had no problems with corrosion or removing and replacing the TPMS sensors after 6 months of use and multiple removals and reinstalls after rotating tires. The main issue I have is the tiny red o-rings tend to shred.

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Hi, may be the red o-ring not feel well from this type grease. I am using thick 100% silicone oil and no problems with red o-rings so far.

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