Unable to turn on Smart Dash Cam

Dear all,

I recently purchased a Smart Dash Cam (SDC) and I could not even turn it even with power connected.

I have tried various method which involves using the car cigarette port, connecting to a power bank and so on.

There is no light indicator (white or blue) as stated in the manual/ forum.
I have tried holding on the reset button etc but none of them worked.

Would like to know what should I do in this case?

Thank you very much.

Hello @Keng_Sheng Terribly sorry for the late reply, could you please let me know through what channel did you purchase the SDC?

I ordered the device in official Nonda website

Hi @Keng_Sheng Customer support is on your way. Sorry for what has happened.
Feel free to reach out again if you have any other issue with ZUS app and/or nonda products.
Best Regards,

Hi @Julieta May I know how the customer support will reach me as i did not receive any emails nor notification.
Also, what are the information that i need to provide on my side?

Thank you.

Let me check. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Support is on its way, sorry for kept you waiting.

Hi, I received the smart dash cam for my birthday 3 days ago. I started setting it up today. I can’t get it to stop beeping. The light never changes from the steady white light. I’ve clicked the button when prompted, used the reset pin, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing works. Is there anything else that I can do to get this thing working right?

try a different SD card if you have one. If it’s constantly beeping all the time, it probably can’t access the SD card. Or you could try to unplug it, hold the button on the side, plug it in again. Keep holding the button until it beeps the second time, it should then have formatted the SD card. Maybe that will help too.

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Hello @mfgomez0501
Please reformat your SD card first.
Check instructions in our FAQ, please.

Feel free to reach out more if the issue persists.

Thank you so much @roland.mettler