Unstable connectivity of the device

I had been using this for 3 days after receiving the item. How ever on the next day of installing the device. The device does not connected to the Zus app after starting the engine. I have to remove and add in again to have the device connected to the app. Anything I did not correct to have this issue?


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Hi @koheric
Other than removing and re-adding the device, have you tried to plug and unplug the SVHM for the data to show up?
As the screenshot suggests, you have a Passat DB8, may I know the year of your car?

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I had tried taking out the device and plugging it back in but it did not solve the problem. Yes I am using it in a VW Passat B8 2017 model.



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Hello @koheric
Are you using Android device? If so - try to enable Flight mode on your device for a few seconds and then disable Flight mode and see if this help. This is helping me to deal with the connectivity issues I have - both ZUS smart charger and tire pressure monitor. This is Android devices specific Bluetooth issues.

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Hi Yes, I am using an Android phone. Had tried the method you suggested but it is still the same. Can see that the tire sensor went offline after the phone was put to flight mode but once it is turned off, the tire sensor came online but not the car monitoring device. However I plugged it out this time and blow into the pins and plugged back in. And it works… Hopefully it remains working…

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It is in fact not a Bluetooth issue for android. If it was @Julieta would ask if it was Android or IOS first, if it was a known issue of the Android OS itself.

Secondly, my Charger connects to bluetooth everytime immedaitely, but the SVHM has boot issues… unplugging and re-plugging the device 90% off the time resolves the issue. No app boot, no airplane mode, no force close, nothing… just SCHM power cycle.
There seems to be a latency issue with the device as well.

In no way shape or form, bluetooth and an OS can be pointed out as the flaw, because of one simple reason… Android does not have only 1 hardware and chipset it works on.

For it to duplicate in multiple device type, the source of error would be the consistent device in troubleshooting, in this case, the SVHM.

Sorry, but I want to dispel any belief and troubleshoot properly.

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Hello @Shak
do not rely so much on Android’s Bluetooth reliability and consistency - there is a complete mess of phone manufacturers, driver versions and OS releases on the market. And some times a small system updates makes a huge problems.
I will give you an exam. I am using Polar H6 Bluetooth Heart rate sensor since 2015. I used on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S7 phones on Android version 4, 5 and 6 without any issues until one day Samsung happily decided to update my Galaxy S7 to android 7.0. Boom! Sensor not working any more! And stopped working on POLAR’s own app and all other running apps I have using it. So after a long communication with Polar they outsourced the issue to Google and they admit - a Bluetooth bug inside OS. It took more than 6 months to make a fix, to send it to phone vendors, to implement it in a minor OS update and send it to user phones. The moral of the story: there is a huge variety of Android based phones and tablets these days. and a simple update could kill a flawlessly working third party device for months. And the Bluetooth reliability on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is no the best I’ve seen. The Airplane mode is an fast solution to avoid phone restart and helps for most of the connectivity issues I have. I am using more than 6 different Bluetooth devices, from different manufacturers and they worked fine with my older phones and Android versions.

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I am having the same exact issue with my 2010 Jeep liberty. The Zuz SVHM has disconnected and no matter what I do I can’t get it to reconnect. I’m using a Google Pixel 2 XL. I’ve cleared data on the app, force closed the app, removed the SVHM from my profile and tried to repair, etc. Nothing works. When i re-pair the device to the phone, it states that the connection is successful but the app still shows the device is not connected.

Android 8.1 is being pushed to the Pixel phones over the next 48 hours. I’ll report back after my phone is upgraded to 8.1 and let you know whether or not that fixes the issue.

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Well based on @Zhivko_Nikolov I don’t know the update will help @George_Humphrey.

I mean, I can see what you are saving Zhivko, since I unplug the SVHM and plug it back in, it is essentially doing the BT disconnect on the android side, and I am seeing it as the SVHM issue.

So it is more of a communication issue with android? I find that as a loaded bull.
My Older ELM OBDII connector with Torque has no issues. So if the BT has lag or loop issues, should it cause this with all devices? why is it being picky with SVHM and not the ZUS charger?
and I haven’t plugged in my Tire Monitor yet, but if it’s going to cause that issue there too, then I rather stop investing in Nonda’s ZUS line up because it is the only set of products that causes the issue? no?

What’s your take on that?

Interestingly enough, the upgrade to Android 8.1 on my Google Pixel 2 XL did the trick. Got in the car today, opened the app and sure enough everything connected instantly. Seems like it is definitely a bluetooth issue. Not entirely clear if it’s bluetooth in the SVHM or Android, but 8.1 fixes it (for now).

I love this when it connects, but unfortunately I can’t get it to connect most of the time… even after resetting the phone and devices.
I’m hoping a future update can fix connectivity.

Hello Ammon

When it connects, what kind of “tricks” have you done? Rebooting the system Bluetooth? Unplug and plug the device?
May I ask you to update to Google Play version 5.1 and see if things get better especially the connectivity issue?

Thank you!

I’ll give you an example. Today I got in my car, opened the latest version of the app from the Android app store (uninstalled and reinstalled the app early this morning). Nothing was syncing up so I killed the app and restarted it, still nothing was connected. I turned bluetooth off and back on and the tire monitor quickly connected but the health monitor still wasn’t. I again killed the app and reopened it and it still was connected to tires but not to health monitor.
I next unplugged the health monitor and replugged it and again killed the app and reopened it. This time the health montitor was connected and the tire monitor was no longer connected. I kept doing things like this for another few minutes and was not able, in the end, to get the tire monitor reconnected.

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What a journey you’ve gone through to get them connected.
Judging from the screenshot of the last moment, I can tell that all are connected, congratulations!! Just the tire monitors need to be calibrated will start showing real-time data when driven for a while. :rofl:

Seriously, we will look into the issue and try the best we can to fix the connectivity issue.

It was nice to have the monitor working. The problem is that i had it on
for over 15 minutes at this point, so the calibration was taking longer
than expected.

I’m usually having problems connecting as well when starting the car, and it seems to be due to the phone connecting faster than the tablet I have in the car. Both are using the ZUS app (the phone probably has it in the background though). If I kill the BT on the phone, the tablet loads all data pretty fast.

Might not be the same case for you though. Would be nice to be able to set device priority or something though ;p

To this day I still have issues with connectivity with the base of nondas Bluetooth enabled products.

I have similar issues except for me and my vehicle the monitor will only connect and show data in the dashboard if it is unplugged and replugged in.

This is not really a pleasant experience ya think?

Hello - I’m reviving this old thread here.
But i wanted to ask if there has been any updates or insights as to the ZUS SVHM was sporadically losing connections. I like seeing the stats it gives, but the load/turbo/coolant/rev monitor looks more like a Heart beat monitor, with sharp spikes, rather than a smooth up and downs like the pictures ^. Obviously my car is not misfiring with rev’s going from 800-0-800-1200-0. Is there a way to improve the connection here?