Urgent -Wireless Smart Backup Camera

Dear Ceo, President of Nonda,

  1. I love this product.

  2. But. I do not like this product. Why?

  3. Because, “Rechargeable Battery” and “Self-Install In 10 Mins”

Improvement suggestion: You have done everything for this product. But you leave it in version 1.

Version 2: suggestion is. Please make a mounting accessories. But let the camera unplugged with key, so that after driving, i can unplug the device and charge at home, instead of standing in the street and finding my screw drivers to recharge it.

Remove that hassle by introducing my idea. Your product has everything but you leave a hole to not like it or love it or get angry with the product after using some time.

Why dont you just introduce a new version of this product? so that a user can drive, unplug it quick and charge at home and bring it back to the car. Make it little more friendly and comfortable so that charging hassle is gone.

If you cant make it, give us the manufacturer contacts, i will share my idea to them, how to improve it.

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