Vehicle Health Monitor Lite Shipping

I ordered and paid the shipping of the Vehicle Health Monitor Lite On October 1. My order and payment was confirmed via email, but no word on shipping until today. I contacted the customer support last week and sent over proof of purchase. Still no word from the company. Please let me know when the order will be shipped. The order umber is 199892 from 11:20:36 PM, Tue 01, Oct 2019.

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I’ll tell you now, this is mostly supported by the user community, and very rarely does anyone from Nonda actually get on here. Your best bet is to keep following up with the customer support reps via phone or email. I believe they have been overwhelmed with responses and according to their Instagram page they are trying to process orders as fast as possible.

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Hi @ka.atanassov
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience, I will check with our logistic team and get back to you ASAP.
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Hi @bobbysimonii
Thank you for the suggestion.
Please feel free to reach out to me any time you want, you do have my email right?
Thank you also for being active in the forum and answer all the questions! Bravo!

Hi Juliet’s, I’m also facing the same problem here. I had placed my orders are stuck with no update two weeks back. Please help.

Thank you.


So that’s great and all I have a September 22nd order yet to ship.
So anytime you’re ready guys.

@Julieta is there any news on the new devices and when they will ship?

Have same issue. Quick to debit monies…replies are rare. Only just recvd e-mail, 10.25.19, order shipped from factory…we’ll see…
Will no longer recommend this company to ANYONE. Whole issue was poorly handled, if I dare to call it that.
My summary is Nonda is on verge of going under.
Like products, not willing to gamble my funds again

You found a customer support Phone # ?? PLS share !

Has anyone actually received this Vehicle Health Monitor? I ordered in late August but only get vague information and request to be patient. When I request cancellation they say it shipped already but never arrives. What can I do?

I did not receive anything from them yet.

has anyone received their unit and if yes - when the order was placed and when - received?

Looks like the “FREE” product worth $60 was a lie as I received nothing after months of waiting and lost my ~$5 that I paid for shipping :roll_eyes:

Nonda is still taking orders for this “free Vehicle Health Monitor” while being unable to fulfill my order placed in August. While it will cost me more in time than it’s worth, this is looking like a fraud to me so I will pursue a refund. While Googling I read they had orders for over 300,000 units. Easy money if no one goes after them.

After 3 months I filed a “not received” claim with my bank. Yesterday they returned my shipping fee.

Two times I asked Nonda to cancel. Both times they told me my order had shipped. They couldn’t document this and nothing ever arrived.

How do I file such a claim with my bank? Any help would be appreciated

I did it all from my account page online. Answered the questions and a brief explanation. I don’t think Nonda replied.

Hello @rapid-x Are you still waiting for your VHM Lite?
Do you still need assistance?
Can you share with me your order ID?

I’ve receive my VHM Lite. Pair with my iPhone on Hyundai kona 1.0T. I realised the turbo keep showing 0 PSI. does the VHM lite read the turbo boost pressure?

I think it depends on the car… My Nissan Note has a turbo as well, and my VHM Pro can’t read it either, always at 0 PSI. Some manufacturers just send out complete different information or in a different format, so it can’t be interpreted correctly.