Verizon? I have AT&T can't pair

It paired once, but did not operate. It’s not listed in my paired devices. I do not have Verizon. Does this work only with Verizon carrier?

@Shirley_Clifton Are you using an iPhone or an Android? I’m using an Android device running 6.0.1 and I have AT&T, and it installed flawlessly. And its not supposed to show up in the Bluetooth section of your settings I don’t think…


I agree. I don’t think it has anything with the carrier.

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@Shirley_Clifton I’m an Android developer of AIKO team.
Mobile carrier will not affect AIKO .

After AIKO successfully add, it’s not listed in AIKO app ?

What is “did not operate” ?

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It’s pairing evidently, and is calling itself my car stereo JVC. I know that because if I turn off my cell phone Bluetooth, I get a ringer warning that I’ve unpaired from my Aiko. Howerver, when bt is on and it&s paired, it doesn’t beep from the app to find it, and it doesn’t ring my phone when I double press or single press. The gps is accurate but that doesn’t find keys, it finds my whole house :slight_smile:
Thank you for writing — not giving up yet.

Notice the last screen shot just posted shows the Beep button being activated. It has never beeped and no light blinks.

Last screen shot

It has only shown a successful pairing once. I’ll disconnect the pairing to my JVC car stereo and see if it will pair again and call itself a AIKO.

now I cannot get it to pair. When it paired last night, the JVC radio was already paired or unpaired it. I can’t get the icao to care at all and I’ve tried many times. It did give a very soft quiet beep once while trying to pair but no light came on and it did not indicate a successful pairing like it did last night. I went back into settings looked at my Bluetooth nothing else is added to my list.

It won’t show up in your paired bluetooth devices. If it is highlighted green in the app it means it is paired with the app. The JVC stereo’s connection has nothing to do with the Aiko connection

This is most likely because you already have paired this device with the app

Did you press the beep button?

These screenshots here show a perfectly paired Aiko!

Ok, and I do get the notif if I turn off my BT.
However, when it’s on, the AIKO does not receive or send a beep or cell ring response. I only get a quiet dble ring when I turn BT off.
And yes, as the screenshot shows, I’ve pushed the green button and it appears to activate. All I get is a map.

I’ve done everything with with the device or cell within 12-18 inches and in the next room.

The beep button is not to activate anything. You press that when your keys are missing so that the Aiko will beep to find. When you press it it will turn grey and say done instead of beep( then you would press done after it is found to stop beeping)

I never see ‘done’ and it never beeps or flashes red.
I have done plenty computer tech support. My husband is an engineer - C-130 aircraft. Either the battery is dead or there is a failure of some sort.
It has made a very quiet beep when pairing. That’s all it’s done so far.