Wanting Refund, Company Unresponsive

I bought two dashcams directly from the company. They don’t work and after many many hours of trying with the help of Julieta, they still don’t work. I’ve asked to return them for a refund but now there is silence. How do you get a refund from this company?

A word to others - Stay away from this product.

I know I am having many issues with my dash cam, so I hope I don’t have to Hagel them for a refund…

Hi @cwankeny
I will escalate your case to the CS agents.
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
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@cwankeny Seems like they already made the refund last Saturday. Wondering if you still have any issues?
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Hello @Gfx_Herrera Feel free to let us know any issue you have. Would be glad to help.
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I’m just returning it. I keep getting emails on how to troubleshoot it, but I explained that I did all the recommended trouble shooting in my initial email. Is it only one person in customer service?

I will check it out! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, I purchased my dashcam from Amazon on March 15, 2019. ORDER # 701-0771934-5117857

In six months it stopped working. I contacted Nonda but no response. Can someone help me?

What’s not working exactly? What is the dash-cam doing? Symptoms?