Wanting Refund, Company Unresponsive

Did you try another USB cable as well, rather than “only” with another USB charger?

Yes I did. And send two reminders to Customer service but no response

@Julieta Could you chase CS for that?

Six mails, not a single acknowledgment. I think now I need to contact my credit card company for fraud.

Hello Amit_Tiwari,
Terribly sorry for the delay. I will check this out with our Amazon team and give you feedback ASAP.

Hi Julieta,
Is there an update on Dashcam and when will I receive smart vehicle monitor? Order #1199801

Hello @Amit_Tiwari I’ve checked with our CS team and they don’t seem to find your ticket regarding the dashcam, I will forward your case directly to them and they will follow up with your request.
Terribly sorry for any delay.

Thank you. How about Order #1199801? This is for smart vehicle monitor. Its been a month I paid for the product but never received any response after that

Hi, Any update?

Hi @Amit_Tiwari Already forwarded your case to our CS team. Have you received any follow-up?

There is no response , followup from anyone. This is not professional. What should I do?

is there an update?

Looks like no one received that health monitor thing…It’s been more than a month since I ordered it and I’m guessing I only lost my money

I have been trying to pair this new smart cam.
I cannot. wasted 2 days. How do I get refund?

Any update?

@Julieta, Any update?

Hello there,
Have you contacted cs@nonda.us for further support?

what about my issue.Its been more than 2 months


@Julieta Am I going to get a response or not?