has anyone filed a warranty claim? how did the process go?

Hello @hughesholding you could start the process by sending an email to cs@nonda.us, upon receiving your email, the system will automatically allocate a ticket number and the Customer Service agent will be assigned to follow up with your case.
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@Julieta Sorry to bother you but any update on my dead camera and tire sensors?

Horrible Experience trying to obtain warranty coverage.
The camera lasted 3 months.
Yes the company indicates it has a 1 year limited warranty. So I begin the process of filing a claim, sending photos of product with a description of what is wrong along with a copy of the purchase receipt (no problem…obvious a reasonable request).
Now the kicker I have done it 3 times with no response from the company. Plus keep in mind they claim to be available for your questions and requests 24/7.
Horrible experience with company, poor quality of manufacturing.
I would advise stay away from this product and would further say stay away from all their products if this is how they treat their customers.
Next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau

Hello @Robert_Power
Could you provide me with your ticket case number?
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience we’ve caused.

I sent in my 8 e-mails to cs@nonda.us requesting warranty repair on my ZUS backup camera, which is still under one year warranty. No one at your nonda customer care is responding to my e-mails. There is no ticket number, because no one is responding to my e-mails to provide me a ticket number. Duh! Please send me a RMA and your shipping address so I can send my non-working ZUS backup camera to you for warranty repair.



My ZUS backup camera does not charge, and the LED lights do not come on. I am still under under the one year warranty. I purchased my ZUS backup camera from Amazon back in August 2019. I had already e-mailed to cs@nonda.us 10 times with photos showing my ZUS backup camera is not charging. Can you please forward my case to CS for the follow-up?