We are still working on it (Updating)


AIKO Beta Round II is on the way! :grin:


#nonda Family # #Black Stuff Rises#


New samples arrived! @Becky_Freeman

Matt Black & White. You can call it “Panda” and “Oreo” Version. :relaxed:

See any difference?


Oops, spilt some coffee on the AIKO!
Don’t worry, AIKO is IP6 waterproof, so it will keep beeping despite of the accidental spill!


Took some photos
AIKO and Olympus Pen. Both enchanting devices. Yeah I just love those beautiful things!

Key chain, looks much better with AIKO. Is it smaller than you imagine?:sunglasses:


New samples just arrived. Still doing internal testing.

Our engineers and programmers are getting ready to release the newest generation of our smart key finder — AIKO, and it would be a couple of days before we start the beta test for a-Fans.

So please be patient and wait for the good news!



Your guys are doing q brilliant job! I believe this little key finder will surprise us!

Yeah we will rock you!:sunglasses:

Ahh, can’t wait to see the new product and try it!

:sunglasses: A few more days! Just be patient!

Hi @Gordon, do u have any update for Aiko product?

Good news

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I am really excited to see what you have done with this product. The ihere was a great concept but had some flaws and I cannot wait to see how you have improved upon that product.

Ok, we just got some AIKO samples which were just delivered to our office this week, so our team is still doing internal test to make sure there won’t be any obvious problem before the a-Fans beta test.:sunglasses:

I’m sure it’s much better than iHere, prettier and smaller, with more reliability.:blush:

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Wow it looks amazing!

The white color looks just fantasitic! And that’s a little deeper purple than I thought.

@RogerInflame Yeah that is a kind of metallic purple so it seems deeper due to the light condition.

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I’ve never had a smart key finder. I’ve been interested in this stuff .It seems like made in heaven.

@Don Hah I bet you will feel it better when you get it!:grin:

Seems that AIKO matches anything metallic. Especially Apple devices.

@Addonn Yeah for those who obsessed with the tactile of aluminium alloy, AIKO is really amazing!

Right. For me it’s really fasinating to see this metallic stuff.

I used to have an key finder and got sick to it’s bulky appeal. Let’s hope AIKO can give us great experiences.