We bet you didn't know about this brilliant hidden feature!

After several days using, you might think you have known the app inside out. But wait, you haven’t noticed something yet. We actually hide a brilliant feature in iOS app that awaits your discovery. The same feature in Android app is coming soon!

It’s actually been around for a while, but is still not discovered by users. So if you are curious enough and want something to kill the time, you can try to find it on your own.

Hint: After you press the logo on AIKO, you can chose to use AIKO as a key finder or luggage tracker, then double click somewhere. Something wonderful will happen!

So come and search for the surprise! You can upload a screenshot when you find it. If you have no time to experiment with it and discover the hidden feature, I will give you guys the answer!

Ha I found it! Nice!

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Me too! Cool! It would be awesome if we could change the intended use of AIKO after it has been paired without the need to remove and repair. With the ability to use as a selfie remote, I would switch from key finder to remote, use it then switch back when done. This need to be an easier process. Similar with the luggage tracker. Get to airport, remove AIKO from keyring and attach to luggage, switch mode to luggage tracker. Upon return, move back to my keys and switch mode back to keyfinder.


Does a similar feature exist on the Android app?

If you only have one AIKO do you have to delete it from the app each time you want to use it for a different function (luggage tracker, key finder, or selfie remote)? I was unable to pair the same remote to multiple features and had to delete the function of key finder before turning it into a selfie remote. Also when I went to turn it back into a key finder and deleted the selfie function my AIKO will not pair with the phone anymore and it is saying the battery is down to 50%.

Make sure your app is updated. I had a similar issue and updating resolved it

I just updated the version and my AIKO is still not pairing.

I finally found how to use the selfie remote - very useful!

Coupling that with the key finder feature is very useful.

One thought: when I am home or in the office I leave my keys in one room and every time I leave I get a reminder with the tone which becomes very annoying when it happens multiple times per day. Is there a way to “pause” the key finder activity?

@Chad_Estes Selfie Remote in Android is coming soon! :slight_smile:

@Xathros @Patrick_Shine Well you will be able to switch between three types when you already pair AIKO, when you can download the app in App Store, but currently we haven’t finished it yet.

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@Patrick_Shine and about your issue, the Dev team will get in touch with you soon. :slight_smile: