What to do if I have an issue with the Vehicle Health Monitor Lite

Update on 31st March.
What to do if I have an issue with the Vehicle Health Monitor Lite.

Hello Guys, if you are seeing this, probably you are looking for some remedy to solve your issue with the ZUS Device.
I strongly suggest you describe your issue and send it via the Help&Support Section.
Simply go to Settings-Help&Support-Feedback & Rate ZUS and send me a message via that portal and I will receive your message in my email.

For response, please check your email box because I am only able to communicate with you via the email you use to login ZUS APP.
Thank you guys!

Update on 27th March.

To all Android Users,
We’ve recently updated the APP to V6.9.2.2 on Google Play which corrects the “no reading” issue. If you’ve added vehicle health monitor lite already and having such experiences, we highly recommend you to update and try the latest version.

If you have any user experience which is imperfect, please feel free to write to zus-dev@nonda.us straight forward.

We’ve recently received several users reporting not able to access SVHM pro dashboard data.
Here’s the troubleshooting that we wish you could try on and please do share the log with me.

Please let us know your vehicle’s VIN number so our engineer can further look into the issue.
If you don’t know where to find your VIN, please refer to https://nonda.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037893112-What-is-a-vehicle-identification-number-VIN-


Phone is shake but no prompt to share/submit data.

Debug app running on iPhone 7plus iOS 13.3.1

My device is SVHM, not the SVHM lite. Is there a difference between the 2 device?


the debug version 6.8.7 (build 285), now shake can prompt to share data.

will update again

404 not found is shown after clicking the link.
using iPhone with iOS 13.3

I believe that an app update has been released to fix this known issue.

It still does not show dashboard readings for 2011 Miata GT.

It works for 2009 BMW 528i.