What to do if the WiFi never show up for dash Cam?

I have tried holding down the button for 10, 15 and 30 seconds to no avail. I have also trie double-tapping. I have tried turning of and on my phone. I even turned off and on the WiFi and still nothing. Pressing the button make a beep as though it is working, even the light comes on for a while but the WiFi never shows up so I can connect to it. I am on the latest version of IOS and my app is updated and yes, the car is running. Is this normal? What am I forgetting?


Try resetting the camera with a paperclip. The reset hole is near from the mini USB connector.

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Hi Princesly,
When device is turned on: Single click to activate / disable the Wi-Fi hotspot.
When it’s activated, the LED will flash blue, simultaneously you will hear it beep twice.

Also, what @roland.mettler suggests could also help. Could you try reset the device first then operate it according to the steps below?
How the camera works?

  1. Click once (single click) will turn on the wifi of the dash cam.
  2. Once wifi is turned on, go to your cell phone’s settings and connect, it shall be in the format like ZUS_DC_XXXX.
  3. Go back to ZUS app, watch the preview video. If you have any video clip that you wish to save to your phone, simply click the three dots on each video clip. If you have problem downloading or the download speed is intolerable, please let me know.
  4. Wifi will automatically go off when you are not operating/managing the files in ZUS app for 2 minutes. This is to prevent the scenario when a user forgets to turn off the wifi and thus causing the video not recording. (Video stops recording when you manually turn on the wifi).

Hi Julieta—

Thanks for the response. I have tried all that steps to no avail. Exactly what combination clicks resets the device to factory default? If I do so, do I loose all the stored recordings—that’s assuming there’s even any?

No, you won’t loose them.
Could you do the reset first and see if it helps?

Tried to reset and still no luck…is there a customer service number I can call? I have to return this device unfortunately…don’t even know if I should bother opening the other one. :frowning:

I will forward your case to our Customer Service Team. Sorry for what you’ve been experiencing. @princesly

Thanks. How do I follow up with them?


Let me check with them, they should be sending you emails after I forward your case.

So I finally factory reset by deleting it and it allowed me to set it up again.

Do I just leave the mode on as I turn of the car? Does it always automatically activate WiFi or do I have to push the button every time?

To enable wi-fi, you have to click the button on the cam.
Only activate wifi if you want to access the videos or change settings for the Dash Cam on your phone.
Otherwise the wi-fi should be kept down. (It will automatically shuts itself down when you aren’t operating it via your smartphone for more than 2 mins)
The LED should be constant white color when in recording mode.

Ok. That’s helpful. But I am finding that I have to press the button to get it to record. What combination keeps the led on steady white?

Hello @princesly Thank you for getting back to me.
The camera should be in recording mode by default, no extra action needed.
Like when you turn on the engine, it will be automatically powered up and the LED should be White. Does this fit your case?

How do you change the smart dash cam camera’s default WiFi password?
Can’t anyone walk up to your car, log in to your camera with the default password and view/erase your recordings?
(sorry if I’m in the wrong place with this question)

Hi Dave

As the Wifi is not on by default when the car is running (the button has to be pressed once, and it turns off after 2 min when you don’t connect to the Wifi the dashcam sends out), and the dashcam has no power when the car is off, they would have to break into your car, somehow turn on your engine, and then activate Wifi and could then get to the recordings… at that point it would be just easier to break in, steal the miniSD card, and be done with it…

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Hello Ronald,

My ZUS cam when turning on goes to pink color - what could be the reason?
And it is not showing up the WiFi as well due to that.

As per this: https://nonda.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013303351--Installation-How-to-Pair-ZUS-Smart-Dash-Cam?mobile_site=true

Red color means there is something wrong with the device or the SD card. Did you try another, new, SD card, or a known good one?