Which Android Head Unit is Compatible with Smart Tire Safety Monitor?


I’m wondering which makes/types of aftermarket Car Android Head Units are compatible with the Smart Tire Safety Monitor receiver?

I have an EONON GA9201A Octa Core, Android 8.0 4GB RAM 32GB ROM in my 1999 BMW e39 528i Saloon. When I install and log in to the ZUS app the app is asking me for turning on the Bluetooth (the Bluetooth in the Android Head Units are always on, you cannot turn it off). If I click on that the app goes into an infinite loop as it tries to turn on the already on bluetooth.
If and when I manage to skip this then I try to pair the receiver with the head unit and it just notifies me straight away that “No Receiver was detected. Is your receiver blinking? If not please plug in receiver and try again.” My receiver is blinking, and I had put it as close to the head unit as possible. The head unit appearently doesn’t even try to pair it, it just gives out the error as soon as I click on pairing.

On my HTC M9+ it is working fine, but I really want the app to use on the head unit. That’s why I bought it in the first place, as I have watched Chris Fix video on this page:

Tried also with different Bluetooth apps without success.
On XDA forums someone said these Head Units do not use the same kind of Bluetooth as in smartphones, as they are just designed for phone calls to work and some OBD BT units, and the manufacturers doesn’t give a thought on those who would like to use them as any other Bluetooth. I presume the have some cheap knock-off BT chip in them. If that is the case which Head unit would you recommend in my car that can handle these communication channels without any problems? Which is working for ex. with Smart Tire Safety Monitor?

Any advice would be appreciated.