Why no live view feature on the dash cam?

I am still trying to understand the dash cam. From what I am gathering, the software can use some enhancements. For instance I should be able to enable live view in landscape mode and record anytime.


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Hi @princesly
Considering the Dash Cam is installed to record what’s happening in front of the vehicle, the same angle as seen by the driver himself/herself, we think the live view a little bit redundant. We did consider that in the initial stage, however, comparing with the recording feature, the live view has come much lower in priority.
BTW, the dash cam does record upon powered up. What do you mean “record anytime”?

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Sorry just saw your response. Maybe it is just me or the camera is not as user friendly as I expect.

Amongst the issues i see is: For one, it is quite annoying to have to wait or finagle the WiFi to come on so you can connect to the camera—there has just got to be a better way than the current access method. Secondly, I mentioned live view so that I can see exactly what the camera sees while it is recording. It is not a stupid idea because it is already out there on other cameras.

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Well noted, @princesly Thank you!