WiFi on ios13

After iOS 13 upgrade, ZUS cam will not stay connected to WiFi. Still works on iOS 12. Updated app and have latest updates to ios13 but no luck. WiFi connects when ZUS app is launched but no image is transferred. It then says go to settings and connect Wifi even though ZUS camera is connected. Anybody else having this issue?

Yes, I have the same problem. I’ve even reset the Network Settings. Even though the initial setup diagnostics seem to confirm that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are connected, the ZUS app simply fails and tells me that I need to “Switch the Wi-Fi to ‘ZUS_BC_1780’” every single time. Incredibly frustrating.

It seems that the app needs updating, but your post is the only acknowledgement that anyone else is having this issue. Now what?

@jonlafloe and @larrypetty

I have been apart of this forum for awhile now, and it’s been reported that iOS user’s have experienced connectivity issues with these products.

The forums used to be monitored by @Julieta and other Nonda members but it seems they have abandoned the forums over the last few months. App updates may not fix the issues you are expecting, as it may be something within iOS that restrictions the connection if no internet is available. As a Android user, I can only say that on Android we have a way to ignore that alert (of no internet) and still connect anyways to devices. I am not a iPhone user to know if that’s a setting that can be turned off.

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@larrypetty also I will add that the Wifi on the Dashcam does time out after so long. It’s not meant to be connected constantly, and the dashcam is only recording when not connected via WiFi.

Having the exact same issue as @larrypetty and @jonlafloe. Very frustrating. When I hit “cannot connect” then “contact us” it says "customer support offline. Working time Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm PST and I am in that window of time. I wish that I had gotten a different backup cam.