WiFi transmtter always ON

The backup camera was working fine for a week. Now I’m unable to get the WiFi transmitter to turn off. From my bedroom in my home, I can view what’s behind my car just fine but, of course, I don’t want todo that. I can also see the battery indicator slowly getting less and less. I’ve reopened the app and shut it down multiple times and from several different windows.

I really like this product but this issue makes it valueless.

What’s the make and model of your phone that you’re using? Also what version of the operating system?

iPhone -7, IOS-12.1.4.

Hello @Running_with_Scissors When ZUS app is running in the background, the wi-fi shall turn itself off after 5 mins. Could you check during the said period

, how’s your app’s status? Running whole time in the foreground? Or?

It’s really weird. I exit the app and, within five minutes, the WiFi turns off. Then, it turns back on, then off, then on, etc., etc., etc. I did some experimenting and I have no doubt that the camera is being directed to do so from the app (which is allegedly shut down).

If I turn off Bluetooth on the iPhone, the WiFi stays in whatever on/off condition it was at the time of turnoff. I let it sit for a half-hour. If I delete the app, same result. It stayed on whatever on/off condition it was in at the time of app deletion.

I really like this camera but you’ve got to install a positive shutoff in the app.

I have had it with the backup camera. My new operating procedure is the charge it EVERY TIME that I use it.