Wrong data displaying . Cooling temperature -40 Celsius?

The screenshot was taken with the car stopped and the speed was 14km/h!
Is someone from Nonda able to explain what’s happening?

I got same weird reading from the SVHM, im on ZUS app version 6.8.8. the last version 6.8.7 behave the same. the reading keeps fluctuating. Turbo indicate 0 bar.
my last known working app is version 6.8.5.
My ride is peugeot 308 GTi.
Hope someone from nonda can fix this.

Hello Koonmun,
Wondering if you could help us troubleshoot?

first test debug version,

  • no spike in the speed upon connection between app and SHVM device
  • Rev looks ok
  • coolant, load, battery stats will intermittent disappear
  • load reading will keep fluctuating
  • Turbo no reading

My VIN: VF34C5U8CS049044
Peugeot 308 gti T7

Second test,

  • Rev is zero
  • Load keep fluctuating

This debug version crashed a few times.
There are a few times need to closed the app a few times, then the app be able to get reading from SHVM device, thou the app show connected.