Zus App Always On Location

Every few seconds I get a pop-up on my phone that says ZUS is using your location. I can’t find a way to turn this option off, does anyone else know? I’m on a Google Pixel 3 phone. Thanks

It is little to do with ZUS app. As much as it may feel like it is, well in a way it is but also mostly not. Confusing. Hmm…

So for those of you reading this who don’t know.
Since the major android update the newer OS with Google’s new policies any background app running longer than a set amount (I believe 5 mins) displays notification. Even if its batch work or simple status check. (I forget the actual term for it). Either way, my cloud auto storage does this that isn’t google drive.

All changes can be read here
Android 8.0 changes

Since you should have Android 9.0 by now since you have pixel 3.
This would have been implemented a while ago.

Alternatively, you can tap and hold the notification and tell it to go away forever by turning off notification only for ZUS.

I haven’t tried for ZUS but some apps have different types and you can turn off specifically a certain type of notification i.e. location.

Also, if ZUS does update the app for Android, it may be fixed. Since it isn’t a bug but rather newer Android functionality, it might be left in the back burner.
That and Nonda track record of having iOS app a priority over anything android. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps @mike2


Thanks @Shak I’ve turned off the notifications which I found this morning. I’ll see if it happens when I drive home from work today.

Cool. Yeah. I honestly have all my car apps all muted including ZUS, except Waze.

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forbid ZUS app access to location in Settings -> Personal -> Privacy -> Privacy guard, or wherever it is in your Android version.