ZUS app broken, cannot calibrate camera and cannot view files

I’m running the ZUS app v6.9.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note Plus running Android 10 with Smart Dash Cam updated to latest version, its Wi-Fi firmware number ND658-181012-V1.0. It’s loaded with a 64GB class 10 u3 microSDXC and used about 1GB so far.

Today as I wanted to reposition the camera, the camera would disconnect every time. I also realized that this also happens when I am trying to view the footage. The app will just break and the dashboard would disappear until i kill the app and restart it again, with repeating results.

I’ve made a video to demonstrate what happens here:

Among the things that I have tried (and still failed):

  • Logged out and logged in
  • Checked for firmware or app updates
  • Cleared app data and cache
  • Removed Smart Dash Cam and re-add it
  • Factory Reset the Smart Dash Cam from app
  • Hard Reset by pressing the reset button on the Smart Dash Cam
  • Tried disconnecting Smart Tire Safety Monitor and Smart Car Charger and only connect to Smart Dash Cam
  • Tried installing the app on another phone but I cant run the camera because it throws error that it is connected to another device (even when I have already removed from the primary device)
  • Reformatted the SD Card

Appreciate some help on this matter.

Thank you.

I wish you luck getting any response from them. I would leave a negative review on the app store and see if you can reach out to them. No one from this company moderate these forms anymore.

Yeah… I just noticed there are so many unanswered threads… Sad to see such potentially credible company and products suffering this type of after sales…

Well, if by “credible products” you mean Tire Pressure Sensors who get stuck to the valve because they react with the metal and corrode, OBD2-Port monitors who melt your OBD-Port and potentially start a fire in your vehicle, and rear-view cameras who loose charge every two days and don’t turn on until 40 seconds later when you already pulled out of the parking spot, then yes, indeed sad…

This is so sad to hear… Still hoping someone fixes this problem… Right now I cant even calibrate the dash cam which is tedious… At least it records and I can just plug the microSD for footage… But that’s only when I can set it up perfectly… I cant even invert the video right now so all my recordings are upside down… :sob: