ZUS app must be launched to auto connect

I have both a smart car charger and the smart car health monitor and my two devices never connect automatically when I start my car. However, they work fine if I start the Zus app. I am running Android 9.0 on an Essential phone. I normally have a smartwatch connected and my stereo connects automatically when I start my car.

Also side note, on the forum sign up page, Ottawa is in the list of provinces. Ottawa is a city, that would be like having New York City as a state. Just thought I would point that out.

I have the same issue, but on an iPhone. Got it for a few years, used it on a few models of iPhones and the app does not auto connect. Its annoying

Hello Nitesh,
Could you please let me know what is your iPhone model?

I now have the same issue also. Have iPhone 7 Plus with the latest iOS update

Hi Julieta

I’ve had an iPhone5s, 6s and am now using a 7. All do not connect automatically

I’ve had the same problem for over a year. I have an iPhone 8 with the most current app update. I miss out on a lot of mileage because the phone doesn’t always connect with the charger. I have to actually open the app for it to connect sometimes.

Hopefully this is a bug that is being looked into.

Hello @Daren_Griswold
Thank you so much for your feedback, so you’ve been using your iPhone 8 over the year when you experienced the situation?
I’ll definitely pass on to devs so they will check the issue ASAP.
I’ll get back to you when we got a solution.
Terribly sorry for the late reply.
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I have the same problem on a Huawei P20 Pro, with Android 9. I have just the smart car charger, and it does not start automatically unless I start the app.

I just used a basic version of tasker “when connected to Bluetooth ‘Car XYZ’ launch ‘ZUS’ app then Launch ‘Spotify’ app”

That was my work around.
LG actually has that built in to their settings.

I run samsung, but is SmartThings the samsung version? Maybe. I mean this will resolve half your issue.

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Hi @Vlad_Petrescu have you tried to grant all the necessary access for ZUS app to be auto-launched on your Huawei P20 Pro?
Please refer to this FAQ on detail steps:

Genius idea!

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Thank you!

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