ZUS app not compatible with Android 4.4.2

I have a head unit in my car with the Android Kit Kat operating system. When I try to install the app, it says not compatible with OS. Are there any older app versions that are compatible? The whole reason I bought the camera was for the Android compatibility.

Is it possible to update the OS on the head unit? Kitkat is old enough that it hasn’t even been getting security patches since last year.

No. It is a set OS. No updates- checked w manufacturer

Hi Tom.

While it’s not ideal, I wonder if there’s anyone out there creating custom android ROMs for car head units.

There’s plenty out there for older android phone and tablets… But obviously tread carefully, as any custom rom will void your warranty and could cause issues especially as you likely won’t ever be able to go back if problems occur.

Alternatively, the Devs might be able to PM you a Dropbox link or something like that to an old APK file for your version of Android… if so You’d probably just need to find the option in the head unit to allow non store apps. (Usually in security setting under allow unknown sources)

Regards, Jamie.