Zus Backup Camera Impression

Received the smart backup camera yesterday. Installation was pretty straightforward, should be able to install within 10 to 15 minute. Just make sure you fully charge the camera before the installation.

Setup process in the app… Was pretty easy also, all you have to do is hold the button on the back for 3 seconds and and tap the pair now button on your phone, then it will prompt you to connect to the backup camera’s WiFi. Default password: 12345678

Guidelines, you’ll be prompted to set the guideline at initial use. You will probably want to read the instructions and go to a parking lot with line/marked spaces as opposed to setting it at home.

Now using it…

Quite annoying to have to open the app, tap the camera bar icon in the UI, wait a few seconds for it to connect, that is IF it will automatically connect to the WiFi; otherwise, you will have to go into settings and connect to the WiFi manually. It isn’t like putting your car in reverse and turning on your backup camera automatically…

Another PROBLEM is that even though it’s a saved WiFi connection (saved password, remember, etc.), I almost every 2 or 3 times will get a prompt telling me the password is incorrect and have to re-enter the password again to get the backup camera connected.

Image (video) quality, I’m not sure if mine is defective or not… because it’s pinkish color. Yes, I removed the protective film that was on the lens. If the image quality is pinkish, I might as well use the night vision all the time, as black and white seems better than pinkish in my opinion…

Overall, I think it will need some improvement in software and probably the hardware itself it all smart backup camera are pinkish color… Not sure if it’s possible, but have the OBD reader detects the car in reverse gear and automatically turning on the camera, but then, it will also need a way to speedup the connection process, as if anyone have any dash cams in their car or any other WiFi device that might have connection remembered for your phone, it will almost always definitely prompt you to go into settings to manually connect to the WiFi network and possibly make you RE-ENTER the password…


I also just tried out the camera today. I am currently using this on Android Nexus 5X.

For my phone, the connection isn’t always on. Every time I go back to the app, the app needs to make a new connection to the camera. This just take too long. It may be an Android thing that stop programs in the background.

My camera also has the pink hue to it. The picture doesn’t look that bright compared to the outside.

I wasn’t having any connection problem, but now I am having a connection problem after reading your message. The bluetooth was working, but now it’s not. The camera doesn’t show up on the phone. Maybe I will try re-linking it tomorrow.

I guess a little update to it…

The recent update seems to have fix the pinkish tint image when being used. If you do not have any other auto-join WiFi network in your car, it should connect to the ZUS backup camera smoothly, with the occasion of asking you to go into the Settings to connect it…

Battery life… Definitely not meeting the description of “each charge lasts 3 months.” on the product page. I rarely even use it and already got a low battery warning in the app. I would say it might last up to 1 month at most.

I agree with a comment I read about the design for charging the backup camera. It is super inconvenient to have to remove the camera to charge it. This is especially true since the initial battery claims are apparently more like 30 days as opposed to 2 or 3 months. I’ll be trying out this camera, but will probably be returning it due to this charging issue. I want something I can put on and forget about.

@Julieta @David_Lindman I agree with you on the charging process for this camera. However, if you know you’re going to return the device, why bother getting it? It creates unnecessary expense for all involved; your time, store’s time, wasted shipping charges, etc.

I think Nonda needs to change out the micro USB port for a type-c one and provide a portable power bank that can rest securely on the camera (slide in slot). Actually, this could be an add-on accessory? lol

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Sometimes I’m surprised by items even though I think they won’t work out. This item has a better field of view then most cameras in it’s price range. Also, if the battery life is better than what others are saying it may change my opinion of how much of a bother this method of charging is. I always try things myself as people all have different views.

I agree that a port on the top or side would have been better. I could have charged from my rear power port of the car without removing the camera. I would have liked to see a solar charging option as opposed to a portable power bank.

@Julieta @David_Lindman solar cell film that you could apply onto the trunk door would be awesome!

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I just hooked mine up and I agree with your assessment. This thing is more trouble than it’s worth, I regret my purchase. I still think Nonda makes decent products but this one misses the mark.

My biggest gripe is the horrible support.

Email only!

Slow response and you have to repeat your same answers over several exchanges. It’s like they don’t get it.

So, here are my thoughts on the camera, after having used it (as much as I am able) for a while.

Image: Image quality is quite good, IMO.
However, it appears my IR illuminators are not working. I’ve been going back and forth with support over email on this for a month now, and every time I send them more screenshots/pictures, they ask for different screenshots/pictures. Hopefully that’ll get resolved soon.

Convenience: Awful. To open this up every time I back into a parking space would be blocking traffic for lengthy period of time it takes to connect. To add to that, half the time I go to use it, the batteries are dead. I appear to get about 2 weeks or so on a charge.

Build quality: Actually seems really solid, and have had no issues here. Mounting kit was well thought out and tools worked well. So far no problems (other than the possibly non-functional IR illuminators).

So, suggestions!

  1. Have a way for it to disable the camera when the other monitors get disabled by turning the vehicle off. I am convinced my battery life issues are due to the fact that any time I open the ZUS app while I’m at home to categorize drives/etc, it shows as having the camera available, and indeed, I can connect to it. Anywhere in my house is within range of my car when it’s parked, so the camera never shuts off, since it doesn’t know to. If you could have the app trigger camera shutdown upon loss of communication with the charger/TPMS, I think it would solve that.

  2. I really don’t know how to solve the connection lag issue… is there a way to do all communication through bluetooth so it doesn’t have to activate the wifi… search for the camera… connect to the camera, (and then, very annoyingly, leave my wifi on after I’m done with the camera)?

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Waste of money. I bought this camera on Indigogo. Battery is supposed to last 3 months…not even close. I charged it a full 8 hours and it showed full charge. I used in 2 times in the month and now it’s low again. And I always remember to kill the app. If you don’t do that it will last 2 days only. The reason I only used it twice is it’s a pain to use. Connect, reconnect. It’s a crap shoot if it will work or not. When it does work, it has a 2 second delay on the video. It does have a clear video view, and it is easy to remove and replace, but if I could return it I would. It’s one big hassel.

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Same experience here; I pretty much gave up on nonda products. Design are pretty cool and unique, but fails to deliver the experience they say it should.

I bought the whole package from Indiegogo; out of all the products, I’m only using the tire pressure system set; rest are almost trash. SVHM drains the car’s battery; Backup Camera doesn’t last and connection is still pretty bad; Key Finder battery doesn’t last like Tile does; Smart Car Charger is so-so.

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