ZUS Backup Camera with solar power?

I have the ZUS Backup Camera and it’s nice. It would be even better if it had mini solar panels built in on the top. I find myself recharging it from time to time during the cold having to pull it off and charge it. What do you think - next version with solar panels?

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Lack of solar power is pretty much the biggest downside of the camera.

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Sounds like a great idea😉. Just enough power to trickle charge the device so it is always charged.

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This seems like a great idea. Last night I was at Walmart and saw one by a another company.

Instead of using your phone it seems to be using a LCD monitor inside the car. This should be an interesting concept if it would work for the phone instead of the extra monitor.

How about more than a trickle charge for the times when the camera’s WiFi doesn’t turn off?