ZUS charger stolen

My charger was “lifted” out of my hotel room when I forgot to take it with me one day. Is it possible to track it or disable it if it shows up with a new registration?

Hi @dlward50 Sorry to hear that. You could open the ZUS app and remove this stolen device in the settings and all the related data will be wiped.

@dlward50 and one more thing, if this lost charger is used to be connected with a new ZUS account, we will be able to find out who is attempting to connect it and also detect the location of the attempt.

Old Thread, but curious @Julieta
Does that mean it can be black listed? So it is not used by a thief? :smiley:

Sorry to hear that.

The thief doesn’t have to use the App. The charger works fine as a nice charger :smiley:

True, but would be nice to block the main functionality of the device.

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The app function will be disabled. As @up4reviews suggests, can only serve the purpose as a pure hardware, in this case, a nice charger with dual USB port.

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