ZUS doesn't connect to iPhone app in the background the next morning

I’ve been using my ZUS beta device (and the app) a lot in the past few weeks and it works really well, except first thing in the morning. I always leave the ZUS app running in the background on my iPhone SE, but for some reason after I get up in the morning and get ready to drive, the plug doesn’t automatically connect to my phone’s app. Instead, I have to unlock my iPhone, open the app, and then the device connects via Bluetooth.

It’s not a big deal, but I assumed the app and the device would always reconnect automatically if the app is running in the background and is allowed to background refresh in iOS (which I have turned on).

Thank you for your feedback. It’s very helpful to us. Our developer will check your problems asap.

Just an update: this doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. It happened a few times here and there, and now that I’ve switched the ZUS to a different car, it doesn’t seem to happen at all. I’m not sure if it was a connection issue in the other car or an issue with Bluetooth and my phone.