Zus keeps loosing connection

I have had my Zus for a while now (extremely happy with it). But for a while now, it keeps loosing it’s connection to my phone. I end up having to unbind my the zus from my phone to reconnect. This works most of the time, but then it eventually stops connecting again. Now even the unbinding is no longer working. I have uninstalled the app and it will not connect. When I try to connect, it does seem to connect as I get the “success” message, but then the app just appears to sit there and never actually does anything. The Zus LED’s continually flash indicating no connection.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated.


I’m having the same problem, but mine won’t even re-connect with my phone anymore.

is your ZUS a QC version? or just the 2.4A version?

QC version. I am unsure. I got the Zus through indiegogo. When I look at the back of it, it just simply says model Zus with an amp out put of 4.6amp. It is charging perfectly. It is only since the last couple up ZUS app updates has this seems to have happened.

FYI…Nexus 6p running Nouget 7.0

Could you please try another phone to connected? We want make sure it the App problem or ZUS hardware problem.
If you can’t connect ZUS with another phone, please let us know.

so I have connected the Zus to another phone and have run if for a week with no issues (using business phone Samsung galaxy S6). Will try repairing with my 6P. I use triplog on my 6P to track my mileage for work. Is there a possibility that there is a conflict between these two apps?

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