ZUS not work

After zus connected, nothing happened… I checked my phone’s gps, it works great when using other app.

Thank you for your feedback.
Could you please tell us do you parking in a underground parking lot?
The screen shot shows your parking area haven’t GPS signal.

No, I parked my car beside the road. As I said, I checked GPS signal using other apps and there was no problem.
FYI, my phone’s OS system is Android 4.4, ZUS APP version is 2.2.0.

OK. I message you for check some details. Please check.

I have the same problem, what to do?

Could you please tell us did you park in a underground parking lot?

Yes under an open garage

Basically, Zus is a waste of money. Mine hardly ever works!!

Hi there, @ptmarty May I know the reason why you think ZUS is of little use for you? Can you give us some examples? If it’s caused by a software issue, we’d be willing to look down to the bottom of it and fix it ASAP.
Thank you.