ZUS shows alerting constantly with right front tire


I installed ZUS two days ago, my car is Toyota Corolla 2003, the recommended PSI from the manual book are all 30 PSI. However, on my commute to work the day before yesterday I got an alert while I was driving 65 mph on the high way. When I got home, I checked the alert, it was saying high pressure on the front right tire.

Yesterday, when ramping down from high way, I got another alert. I was driving 40 mph or less. On the way back, another alert on the high way. They all complaint high pressure on the right front tire.

I checked the threshold settings, so based on the input of 30 PSI, the auto threshold for alerting was set as 24 for low and 36 for high. I’m not sure if that needs to be customized? Is there anything I need to do in this case?


Hi @tracywangwork4fun Do you know the actual PSI for your tires? What’s written in the manual cannot always reflect the actual situation. Or do you remember when you pump up your tire, what value did you set?