ZUS Smart Car Charger suddenly stopped working

the night before it was working normally but the next day it just suddenly stopped working. I have tried to plug in another charger and it worked. I also tried this on other cars. Just the ZUS charger is not working anymore. What is the problem and is there a way to fix this?

Hello there,
Your case has been forwarded to our Customer Service team, they will follow up with you.
Feel free to reach out again if you have other issues.
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Hello Julieta, I am having a similar problem. I don’t see a direct link or any information on how to contact customer service to get this addressed.


Hi @gnconroy
I shall forward your case. Don’t worry.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

This morning I also experienced my phone not charging anymore. The charger still lights up and shows up as connected however the charging port is no longer working. This device is a little over a month old now @Julieta

Hi @bobbysimonii I will check it out with Team.

I’m having the same issue last night. Tried to plug the charger in two different pets but only the three lights work but no charging.

Hey did you check out the email I sent last week? It included a video. Not sure if it went through or not.

I will go through “inbox” again. Thank you for reminding me.

Video 1

Video 2



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Hi Julieta,

My charger stopped working as well. From one day to the next it stopped. I had the outlet checked by my dealership and they said that my outlet was working perfectly. I also tested the charger in other cars and the charger doesn’t work. My car is new, so I doubt it is the problem anyway. What are my options?

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Hello Nicolas @Nicolas_Garaycochea
It’s already been passed on to Customer Service Team. Have you received anything from them?

My ZUS charger stopped working

Hello @61e3e1a6c804f1a53708428f1f099bf have you contacted cs@nonda.us for the follow-up?