ZUS Smart Dash Cam Basic Features

General Specs:

  • Camera Angle: 140 degrees to have a vision of 3 lanes while maintaining HD video quality.
  • Emergency Recording: Built-in adjustable G-sensors that can be triggered by sudden motion or impact. Once triggered, the device goes into emergency recording automatically.
  • Video Recording Loop: Most common setting viewed via the free ZUS Smart Driving Assistant (available on iOS/Android) App. Downloadable via ZUS app.
  • Video Storage: Supports Micro SD capacity of 16GB to 64GB and class 10 version or above.

App Enabled Smart Features

  • Sound Recording: Closed by default to protect driver privacy and can be activated any time in the ZUS app.
  • Auto System Time: Automatically syncronize with smartphone’s system time when Wi-Fi is connected.
  • File Management: Real-time footage is unavailable when in the file management page in the ZUS app.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, able to download video files without consuming any roaming data.
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Having trouble pair my device.Any advice or written instructions or a video would be awesome

Hello Philip,
Could you please let us know more details?
What’s you phone model and OS version?

Have you granted location access to ZUS app?

00 I don’t know