ZUS Smart Dash Cam is Awesome, but I wish it could

I purchased my first ZUS Smart Dash Cam on Thurday 02/28/19 for my work vehicle and loved it so much I purchased a second on Friday 03/01/19 to use in the rear window.

I wanted to know it the following is possible, or would be considered in a future firmware/app update:

  1. Ability to change WiFi Settings (competitors currently offer this feature).

  2. Ability to leave WiFi on always while device is powered up.

  3. Ability to add Auto-On feature to battery discharge prevention mode (perhaps through user set on/off battery voltages) Maybe an added feature when plugged into a ZUS Smart Car Charger since it monitors/displays battery voltage?

  4. Ability to combine video with mapping data (by using date/time to join/relate data files)? Again, maybe when plugged into a ZUS Smart Car Charger since it currently provides GPS/mapping functionality?

Make additional functionality dependent on other ZUS Smart Car devices so that they actually work together instead of just being displayed together via the app. This is how I would love to see nonda make products function like “Today’s Technology for Yesterday’s Car” instead of just feeling like it :+1:

You have a clean, sleek, affordable product line unlike any other out there. You could easily dominate the market with a bit of product integration.

Looking forward to some great responses, and possibly a peek into future products/features :wink:
Feel free to email me directly if you prefer not to discuss some topics publicly.

Thanks again for putting out great quality/affordable products that are available at my local Walmart!