Zus Tire Safety Sensor stopped working after 1 month

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I’m having an issue as well. Added air to my rear tire as the warning came on and said I was low the sensor said I was at 36 psi , However when I checked the pressure it was at 50 psi. Then I put the sensors back on the rear tires and sensors wouldn’t register. I finally got the left rear to work however the right rear gives me temp info but says my tire pressure is at 0.00 which it’s obviously not. Changed out the battery and still have the same problem. I’ve had these sensors for only 1 month and this sucks.

Hello Tyson @Tyson_Wolf
So you’ve had this STSM for 1 month, did it ever work? The problem just came out of blue? Have you been installing other aftermarket products to your car recently that might have the signal interference issue? May I know where do you place the receiver? If you place it in the front, may I ask you to move it a little backwards (the in-car position) and see if the RR sensor gives a correct reading?
Can I also have your zus login account so I can check the tire data settings?

Yes it worked fine until I put air into the rear tires then it was a hassle to get them to read correctly again. I finally was able.to get the rear left to read but the right rear has not ever since

Also yes the receiver is located in the front but for one it reads the left rear correctly so what’s moving to the back really doing to do and second I don’t have an outlet to plug it into near the rear

If you have an email address I will send you my login don’t really want to post my login publicly.

Hello @Tyson_Wolf feel free to send it to zus-dev@nonda.us.

Do I address it to anyone? Should the issue I’m having be included or is this post enough?

Ok username and password sent

IDK if you guys did something but the sensor has just started working. Can you please let me know if it was something you guys did.

Was this ever solved? I have owned them less than a week and they seldom work without re screwing every sensor each time I go to drive, horrible product that I thought would be amazing when it works it is amazing I’ve tried everything the reboot the reattached sensors with engine running and also have made sure no other after market things are using Bluetooth. I hope to get a response so I can have this issue resolved 119 bucks at Best Buy for a product that is stuck in calibrating mode. And from reading I’m not the only one .

Hello @Andrew_Harney
Terribly sorry for the late reply, will look into your case now. Get back to you ASAP.